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It is often stated that the mission of an institution, entity or organization is a unique description of the primary purpose. However, the mission is not a description of the purpose, it is a reason for existence. This is true for the establishment of the Kansas Health Science Center, KansasCOM. Throughout the development of the Kansas Health Science Center, KansasCOM, there has been a fundamental standard that never wavered. The institution exists to train students that will “positively transform communities,” “optimize health of patients and communities,” and have a “special focus on Kansas communities that have been underserved.” 

To work toward this goal, KansasCOM students will engage with the community both in and out of class. The impacts of student engagement will increase as students participate in civic leadership training equipping them to become positive change agents in the community. 

Questions related to community engagement including requests for student service should be directed to Becky Springer at: [email protected]. ​