The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is an administrative body that is charged with the review and oversight of all human subject research conducted by members of the Kansas Health Science Center (KHSC)-Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (KansasCOM) community, using KHSC-KansasCOM facilities or resources, or involving use or disclosure of identifiable private information created or maintained by KHSC-KansasCOM. The IRB is charged with safeguarding the rights and welfare of human participants in research activities conducted or supported by the institution and ensuring that the project complies with federal standards.

For a full description of IRB policies and procedures, please consult the ​KHSC IRB Handbook 9.2023.pdf.


The IRB provides training and support for faculty, staff, and students for the IRB process.  


All research projects involving human subjects conducted under the auspices of or associated with KHSC-KansasCOM or Kansas Education and Research Network (KERN) require IRB review. This includes projects conducted by faculty, staff, or students. The IRB has the authority to approve, disapprove, monitor, and require modifications in all research activities that fall within its jurisdiction as specified by both the federal regulations and institutional policy.  


No research involving human subjects may commence until all required Institutional approvals (including IRB approval) are obtained. The results from studies conducted without obtaining prior IRB approval cannot be represented as having such approval and may not be published in association with KHSC-KansasCOM or KERN.  


IRB is guided by the ethical principles described in the following: 



Members of the KHSC​ IRB:

David Shubert, Ph.D. (chair)

Saajan Bhakta, Ph.D.

Nicholas Wohlgemuth, Ph.D.

Chein Ah (Andy) Hu, Ph.D.

Mark Mosley, M.D., M.P.H.

​Michael Morror, M.D.

Kelly McFall, Ph.D. (non-science member)

Teresa Cowan-Christen, Psy.D. (external member)

For any questions regarding your proposed research, please contact Dr. David Shubert, IRB Chair or Dr. Duane Brandau, Director of Research and Scholarly Activity 

To report questionable research: please contact Dr. David Shubert, IRB Chair 


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Human Ethics Training

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Concerns or Complaints Email Dr. Shubert with the subject Line: Research Concern or Complaint

Report concerns about ongoing research.