KHSC-KansasCOM understands the intense environment and extra stress that medical students experience. Because it is important for students to be emotionally healthy, students are encouraged to utilize the counseling services that are available to them on-campus.  

KHSC-KansasCOM has a multi-dimensional counseling support network for all KHSC-KansasCOM students. Firstly, KHSC-KansasCOM has a licensed counselor on-campus. Students may make appointments in confidence by contacting the counselor directly via phone or email. Students can reach KHSC-KansasCOM Counseling Services in room 430.  You can also book an appointement via this link.

Counseling Services provides immediate support for students on campus through psychotherapy, proactive support programs to assist with the extra stresses associated with medical school and graduate study, and provide additional information and support through the KHSC-KansasCOM orientation process. Counseling Services can also assist students who are dealing with any kind of substance abuse or addiction issue.  

Secondly, KHSC-KansasCOM provides students with 24/7 access to ComPsych, a free and confidential counseling service available to students and their families. ComPsych is a nation-wide network in all 50 states. For students wishing to be seen by a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist off-campus, ComPsych is available at: ComPsych is also an excellent option for students who are on clinical rotations away from campus and in other states.  

All counseling referrals and sessions are confidential and are not recorded in the student’s educational records.