On college and university campuses, behaviors of concern are often unreported. Multiple people across campus may have small bits of information, but no one person has all the pieces. The accumulation of information helps identify a person at risk, allowing for early intervention, prevention, and support. 

Members of the campus community are encouraged to make a CARE referral when concerned about a student, regardless of how insignificant the concern may seem. 

The CARE process is meant to be a non-punitive, holistic approach to assist and support students who may be in distress. After a referral is made, case managers partner with students to develop action plans that promote student success. 


The KansasCOM CARE Team works within the campus community to identify students of concern with the goal of providing early intervention strategies, prevention of risk escalation, and student support to foster and maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all members of the campus community.  

The KansasCOM CARE Team creates a mechanism for regular and consistent communication and information sharing across campus regarding incidents and students of concern. ​


  • Facilitate centralized reporting and investigation 

  • Gather and analyze information regarding incidents of concern 

  • Assess and respond to incidents or students of concern 

  • Provide interventions, support, and referrals 

  • Communicate and coordinate with campus community members 

  • Maintain records of incidents and students of concern 

  • Discuss emerging trends and risks which adversely impact campus community 

  • Provide campus trainings/presentations ​

Standing Members 

The team consists of university personnel with expertise in equity, law enforcement, threat assessment, university operations, medical and mental health, student affairs, and academic affairs. To support the Team and assist those in need, additional personnel will be included when appropriate.  

  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs: Dr. Richard Winslow 

  • Director of Student Affairs/Title IX Coordinator: Dr. Nicholas Palisch 

  • Assistant Director, Student Services: TBA 

  • Director of Campus Security: Mr. Sean Wallace 

  • Assistant Dean of Clinical Education: Dr. Angela Carrick 

  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Dr. Kimberly Long 

  • Counseling Specialist: Ms. Amanda​ Root 

  • Learning Specialist: Ms. Debbie Haslam 

Information shared within this group is used solely for the purpose of assessment and determining appropriate interventions, support, and any necessary university response to incidents and students of concern. We use discretion when sharing information with those outside of this group and only disclose sensitive information when necessary to respond to an incident. 

It is important to understand that the KansasCOM CARE Team is not a substitute for the disciplinary process, campus security, or any other campus processes. Any member of the campus community who feels they are in imminent danger should contact 9-1-1 

If you would like to report an incident of concern to the CARE Team, please submit a CARE Referral Form.