Your well-being as a medical student is vital to a patient's outcome. Assess your well-being and compare your results nationally.
Kansas Health Science Center, Inc. invites you to participate in the Medical Student Well-Being Index. This validated tool is an opportunity to help you better understand your overall well-being and areas of risk compared to other medical students across the nation, as well as provide access to local and national resources.
It's important to note, this tool is 100% anonymous - your information and score are private and your individual score will not be shared with Kansas Health Science Center, Inc., or anyone for that matter.
Setting up an account is easy and completing the Index takes less than one minute.

Assess Your Well-Being Online:

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Track Your Well-Being Over Time
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Track your well-being over time
The Medical Student Well-Being Index tracks your results over time. This allows you to correlate any changes in your well-being results to life and practice events. Based upon these results, the tool provides individualized feedback and resources when they're needed the most.
Compare your scores to others nationally
The most accurate way to assess your well-being is to calibrate your results to medical students nationally as well as to the average score of medical students at Kansas Health Science Center, Inc.. The Medical Student Well-Being Index allows you to do just that and to learn whether your current level of distress places you at an increased risk for potentially serious personal and professional consequences.
Access Free Resources
After completing the Well-Being Index, you will have access to both national and local resources across multiple categories and topics to further increase your self-awareness.
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Director of Student Services and Affairs
Title IX Coordinator

Amanda Root, MS, LCPC (she/her)
Counseling Specialist