Student Ambassadors Program

To assist KansasCOM in delivering the message, vision, and mission of the program students in the program are invited to apply to be a student ambassador. A student ambassador represents the mission and vision of the college and program to prospective students and the community at large.  Student ambassadors can share their stories and experiences with future KansasCOM students through tours, special events, interview days, and more.   

Apply to be a student ambassador here.  

A student Ambassador must be someone who demonstrates the desire to showcase the program and the institution and to positively reflect the mission and vision of the institution. A student ambassador is the face of the institution and must represent KansasCOM’s values when meeting with individuals.  

To be a student ambassador you must agree to: 

*At least 4 events per year 
*Be positive, energetic, and understanding of the mission, vision, and values of KansasCOM. 
*Be in good academic standing