The Process for Institutional Recognition of New Organizations

Any student who wishes to start a new organization at Kansas Health and Science Center/KansasCOM must follow the following procedures:

  1. Meet with the Student Activities Specialist in the Office of Student Affairs to discuss the idea for the potential organization and submit the Student Organization Interest Form and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Submit an application to the Student Activities Specialist. The application packet must contain the following information and documents:
    1. A letter of petition, addressed to the Director of Student Affairs, requesting approval as an officially sanctioned student organization of KHSC/KansasCOM.               
    2. A proposal which includes the following:

                                              i.     Name of the organization.

                                            ii.     Statement of purpose and objectives.

                                          iii.     Statement of national affiliation.

                                           iv.     Statement of need.

                                             v.     Proposed activities with learning outcomes.

                                           vi.     Proposed service projects and name of local non-profit partner.

                                         vii.     Proposed advisor.

                                       viii.     Any additional information.

    1. A list of names of students (minimum of 10) with original signatures, who would be interested in joining the organization if it were granted official sanction. All student organizations must have a membership sufficient to fill all offices, be in compliance with the National organization with which they are affiliated. The student organization must demonstrate a need for official status based on student interest, number of active members and the professional/social benefits to the campus.
  1. The Student Activities Specialist will review the application packet and forward to the SGA Executive Board President and the Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Upon receipt and review of comments from the SGA, the Student Activities Specialist will forward the petition with a recommendation for approval or denial to the Director of Student Affairs and SGA Executives Board President.
  3. The Director of Student Affairs and SGA Executive Board President has the final decision-making authority to approve or deny a petition for a new student organization.
  4. The Student Activities Specialist will notify the petitioner of the decision. If the proposed student organization is approved, the new organization must do the following within two-weeks:
  5. Write up bylaws that will include:      

                  Name of the organization.

      1. Statement of purpose and objectives.
      2. Statement of national affiliation.
      3. Officers of the organization.
      4. Description of duties and responsibilities for each officer.
      5. Required qualifications for officers. Students who wish to serve as officers for any student organization must be in good academic standing with KHSC-KansasCOM.
      6. Election process.
      7. Process for the removal and replacement of officers.
      8. Qualification for membership (including dues if applicable).
      9. Classifications of membership.
      10. Privileges or benefits of membership.
      11. Order of business.
      12. Procedures for amending the constitution and bylaws.
      13. Descriptions and responsibilities of standing committees.
      14. Elect officers.

Once the bylaws and officers are in place, the student organization is free to do the following under the guidance of the Student Activities Specialist.:

  • Recruit members
  • Hold meetings
  • Plan events and service projects

KHSC/KansasCOM is not responsible for the activities of student organizations; however, organizations are expected to meet certain criteria. To acquire and maintain officially endorsed status, organizations must:

  • Abide by SGA and campus policies, in additional to federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.
  • Have at least one KHSC/KansasCOM employee who serves as an organization advisor.
  • Submit the following documents to Student Affairs:
    • Constitution and by-laws.
    • Membership list updated by October 1st each year.
    • Date and location of regular meetings (off- and on-campus).
    • Participate in the annual organization fair to welcome new students to KHSC- KansasCOM.
    • Conduct at least one community service project each academic year.
    • Complete all forms required by Student Affairs in a timely manner (Contact Student Affairs to access organizational forms).

KHSC/KansasCOM -endorsed organizations may have such recognition revoked by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs if the organization becomes inactive, has violated any requirements or if the organization's activities are in conflict with the best interests of KHSC/KansasCOM. If students wish to continue the organization's activities once official recognition has been revoked, the organization must go through the process established for official recognition of a new student organization.


KHSC/KansasCOM is committed to creating and maintaining a safe learning and working environment that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The Policy prohibits discrimination, harassment, and Sexual Misconduct, which includes Sexual Harassment, and all other forms of discrimination and harassment based on membership in any Protected Category. The Policy also prohibits retaliation against anyone who exercises their rights under the Policy.

The Policy applies to all employees, students, and other KHSC/KansasCOM community members. KHSC/KansasCOM has authority to investigate conduct occurring on KHSC-KansasCOM's campus, in connection with its educational programs, activities, and services, or that puts KHSC/KansasCOM community members at risk of serious harm or otherwise creates a hostile learning and/or working environment.

Guidelines for Student Organizations

 Leadership Officers

Each organization must have a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer or a Secretary/Treasurer.

In accordance with the Student Handbook and Academic Catalog, students who are classified as academically-at-risk are not permitted to hold office. Student who do not have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 GPA are discouraged from running for leadership positions.

The election of new officers will occur during March/April, according to the timeline determined by the SGA Vice President, in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs. New officers begin July 1. Any paperwork or events prior to that time require the approval of the outgoing officers. However, newly elected Presidents must attend the final spring meeting of the Council of Student Organization Presidents.


KHSC-KansasCOM employees typically serve as advisors to Student Organizations and Clubs, there may be exceptions up approval from the Director of Student Affairs. Advisors are encouraged to attend club events on and off campus. While it is not a requirement of the advisor to be at each event, it is highly encouraged for the advisor to support the organization.

Advisors are to attend all social events where alcohol is served. If the advisor or co-advisor cannot attend a social event, the advisor must approve another faculty member to act as advisor in their absence.

Definition of events include:

  1. Social (social gathering, gather of the distinct purpose of raising funds for club's chosen nonprofit or mission trip, events in which alcohol is served/consumed, auctions, parties, etc.).
  2. Educational (speakers, mocktails, practical's, etc.).
  3. Recreational (sports, outside events, etc.).
  4. Meetings.

Advisors are invited to attend the monthly club presidents' meeting. At this meeting, information regarding club events will be discussed. This is also a time when students and advisors can ask questions or voice concerns. Advisors will be invited to each of these meetings through a Campus Groups invitation from the President of the organization. Request for a change of advisor must be submitted in writing to the Director of Student Services for approval.

Student Organization Meetings

All student organizations must meet at least twice during the semester for regular business meetings. The minutes of all business meetings and/or committee meetings which are tracked by the secretary must be submitted to the Director of Student Affairs within 48 hours of the meeting.

Council of Student Organization Presidents Meetings

The council of Student Organization Presidents meets monthly from August through April, except for two months during that period, usually December and March.

The council is comprised of the president of each recognized student organization, the President of each class, and the SGA Vice President who presides over meetings.

Each of these members must attend all meetings of the Council of Student Organization Presidents. Senators are strongly encouraged to attend meetings. If the president is not able to attend a meeting, the vice president of the student organization must attend. Attendance is required for the student organization to be in good standing with the Office of Student Affairs and is required to approval of SGA funding for student organization events.