Student Clubs & Organizations

The Office of Student Affairs must approve all extracurricular activities by University-recognized associations, clubs, or organizations (ACO), both on- and off-campus. Events that involve healthcare/outreach, alcohol, or risky activities must also obtain permission from the Dean and/or other University officials. All activities and events that involve students, faculty, or staff of the University must be appropriately scheduled to avoid conflicts with academic requirements and other professional events. Requests for permission for speakers, student meetings or activities, and other individual or group activities on campus should be made on forms provided by the Office of Student Affairs at least three weeks in advance. The Office of Student Affairs must approve all activities in advance and no meeting announcements may be made until such approval is received.  

Students may initiate the development of an association, club, or organization on the University campus by first approaching the Director of Student Life for a consultation. Students will then be required to submit a charter with a mission statement and a copy of the group’s constitution or bylaws to the Office of Student Affairs. Each association, club, or organization must have a faculty sponsor approved by the Office of Student Affairs. To receive RVU sponsorship and funding, the group must be approved by at least 35 percent of the student body of the affiliated college as documented by their signatures on an initiative petition that describes the organization, its mission, and its goals. Once this documentation is complete, it is submitted to the Student Government Association (SGA) for review. The SGA will vote to deny or approve the proposed association, club, or organization. A variety of associations, clubs, and organizations are available on campus.

Check out CampusConnections to see a list of all student organizations.