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Approval of Events

Any recognized campus organization may plan an activity. All functions/activities must be approved by the Director of Student Affairs. A hard copy of the event planning form must be completed and filed with the Student Activities Specialist at least two weeks in advance of the event. Advisors must sign all function approval forms before submission to the Student Activities Specialist. If the event is an educational event, a Learning Outcomes form must accompany the approval form. Any change in time, place or cancellation of an approved function must be approved by the Student Activities Specialist. Any function held in school facilities must terminate at 9:00 pm, except when special permission for later hours has been granted by the Office of Student Affairs. Scheduling student organization sponsored social events during examination periods is discouraged. Events that include any type of clinical skills are required to have a physician present.

Speaker Disclosure Declaration

It is the goal of KansasCOM to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all its individually sponsored or jointly sponsored educational programs, including those presented by student organizations. All presenters for KansasCOM sponsored programs are expected to disclose to the program audience any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest that may have a direct bearing on the subject matter. This pertains to relations with pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device manufacturers, or other corporations whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the presentation topic. The intent of this policy is to not prevent a speaker with a potential conflict of interest from making a presentation.

It is simply intended that any potential conflict should be identified openly so that the listeners may form their own judgments about the presentation with the full disclosure of facts. It remains for the audience to determine whether the speaker's outside interests may reflect a possible bias in either the exposition or the conclusion presented. All presenters are required to include a disclosure slide at the beginning of their presentation as well as complete the Speaker Disclosure Form. The form shall be returned to the Office of Student Affairs along with the approval form.

Publicizing Events

Student Organizations may publicize events after receiving approval for the event from the Student Activities Specialist. Notice of the approved event and publication may be sent to the student listeners and be displayed on the screens in the building. No posters or flyers should be hung on walls.

Use of Campus Facilities for Events

Once the event form is completed and approve by the Director of Student Affairs, the Student Activities Specialist will assist in determining and reserving a space in which the event can be held. Student organizations may request a specific location for events, but they must be aware the student event may be bumped by administrative use, such as for candidate presentations scheduled through Human Resources. Likewise, student organizations expecting smaller turnouts will be placed in smaller rooms, regardless of the room requested.

Each organization using campus facilities must abide by the following:

  • All organizations are requested to keep their meeting to their scheduled times.
  • All furniture in the meeting rooms is to be in the proper place after the meeting.
  • All organizations are responsible for cleaning up the room and leaving it in the same condition in which they found it. Perishables must be removed from the area.
  • If your meeting requires any AV (microphone, PowerPoint, DVD, etc.), please indicate the specific equipment needs on the event approval form.

Off Campus Events

Events that take place off campus must have Student Affairs approval. This approval is the official recognition of the event and allows for the organization to put its organization name on the event. If approval is not given, the organization will be notified, and the organization's name cannot be included in any public materials. To be approved, the student organization president must submit the approval form as well as the Student Activities Off-Campus Form and, if relevant, the social event form.

Following the Event

If the event was an educational event at which the student organization assessed learning outcomes, surveys and the President's Summary Form must be completed and turned in to the Student Activities Specialist no later than one week following the event. If the event was a fundraising event, the fundraising form must be completed and turned in to the Student Activities Specialist no later than once week following the event.

Community Service

All student organizations at KansasCOM are expected to participate in service projects annually for the betterment of their peers, the profession, and the community. To encourage and support student involvement in community service projects, the Student Government Association has required student organizations to plan and implement at least one community service project each academic year. Upon completion of a community service project, the president for the student organization must complete the fundraising form and submit the form to the Student Activities Specialist. To ensure that KansasCOM student organizations can have a broad impact across the community, each student organization is required to select a non-profit partner organization that will benefit from the organization's community service and fundraising efforts.


For the purposes of this policy, the term “drug" includes:

  • Controlled substances, as defined in 21 USC 802, which cannot be legally obtained,
  • Legally controlled substances which were not legally obtained, including:
    • Prescribed drugs when prescription is no longer valid (e.g., use of medication after a course of treatment is completed);
    • Prescribed drugs used contrary to the prescription;
    • Prescribed drugs issued to another person

All members of the campus community also are governed by law, regulations, and ordinances established by the state and local municipalities, and will be held accountable by law enforcement representatives of those entities for any illegal activity. It is the responsibility of all campus member to be aware of these laws. The dispensing, selling, or supplying of drugs or alcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years old is prohibited.

Employees, students, faculty, and campus visitors may not unlawfully: manufacture, consume, possess, sell, distribute, transfer, or be under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or controlled substances on KansasCOM property, while driving a KansasCOM vehicle, or while otherwise engaged in KansasCOM business. KansasCOM property, as defined in this policy, includes all buildings and land owned, leased, or used by KansasCOM , and motor vehicles operated by employees, including personal motor vehicles, when used in connection with work performed for or on behalf of KansasCOM unless approved by the Dean/Chief Academic Officer and/or President and Chief Executive Officer.

Any person taking prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication is personally responsible for ensuring that, while taking such drugs or medications, he/she is not a safety risk to themselves and others while on KHSC-KansasCOM property; while driving a KansasCOM or privately-owned vehicle; or while otherwise engaged in KansasCOM business. It is illegal to misuse prescription medication, e.g., continue to use medication when the prescription is no longer valid, use prescribed drugs contrary to the prescription, and give or sell prescribed drugs to another person. Misusing prescription drugs can result in disciplinary action at KHSC-KansasCOM and, potentially, a criminal conviction with jail time.

If you have an event off-campus and want to purchase alcohol, it will have to be with your own money. Student organizations funds are not allowed to be used to purchase drugs or alcohol.

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